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A Giant Leap for Junior

Junior Buthelezi is our Sunshine Superstar of the week. His is a tale of triumph over great odds –...

The Loving Spoonful

Another heart-warming story of courage, commitment and achievement in our Sunshine Superstars series. Today, we celebrate little Miandabu and...

Sunshine Tax Benefit

Meet Siphokazi, this month’s Sunshine Superstar

The world is filled with stories – many of them negative. We’re focusing on the positive and doing our...

Drooling – what to do when it doesn’t stop

Infants don’t often develop full control of swallowing and the muscles of the mouth until they are between 18...

Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate – The Facts

Although the cause is often unknown, most scientists believe clefts are due to a combination of genetic and environmental...