Admit it – you love your children beyond measure, but there are times when you find being a mom the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

When you have your first child, you are overwhelmed by the miracle of birth, by this tiny, perfect human being you have helped bring into the world. But you soon discover that being a real-life mother is very different to all those baby product commercials with clean, smiling, angel-babies and serene, glowing mothers. They never show you the stressed out mom with pooh on her hands holding a screaming baby while trying to grab the wipes.

Let’s be honest, taking care of a baby can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially for first time moms. Add some raging hormones and the everyday responsibilities that most women have… and you have an emotional time bomb.

Wouldn’t it be nice if women were totally honest with each other about how hard it is to care for their bundles of joy? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear another mom say, “I just broke down and cried“?

There is a degree of guilt that moms face when they don’t feel that massive happiness every minute of the day. It’s not easy, and we should stop pretending that it is. We don’t need to feel guilty about not loving every single minute of motherhood. Guilt is such a destructive force.

On top of the guilt we all feel at one time or another, we have to contend with the constant worrying that goes on in our mommy brains. First, we worry that we don’t know what we’re doing. We probably don’t, but that’s okay. Then, we worry that we haven’t performed all the caregiving responsibilities exactly the way the books, magazines and experts say we should. It’s never ending and we will probably worry for the rest of our lives. But as we grow wiser, we’ll learn that worrying doesn’t really have many benefits and just adds extra wrinkles.

The next time you meet up with a new mom, tell her she is doing a great job – that kind of support can be so reassuring. Even though motherhood can be exhausting, overwhelming and downright stressful, if you asked any mom whether she would do it all over again, chances are she’d say “Absolutely!

Whatever you’re struggling with as a mom, know that you can always turn to the Sunshine team for expert advice and assistance.